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100 Top Muslim boy names with their Islamic meanings [updated in 2021]

muslim boy names

Islam is the number two largest religion in the world. It is the youngest of the major world religions. Islam started in the Middle East, by Prophet Muhammad. Best Islamic boy names in which are Arabic male names especially modern muslim boy names with meanings are given,

Islamic boy namesMuslim boys name with meaningArabic baby boy names
AabidTrue follower of Allahعابد
AadhilWhose actions are fairعادل
AamanFearless protectorآمان
AbdallaA servant of Allahعبد الله
AbdulServant of Allahعبد
AbrakThe blessed oneأبراك
AfanAdvance,  progressمشجع
AmadNames of the Prophetالعمد
AnumFavour of Allahأنام
ArfanGratitude, Thankعرفان
AsadMuslim baby boy names for lionالأسد
AsimShield, guardianعاصم
AtqaMost Allah consciousعتاقة
AyaazRespected Islamic boy nameآياز
AynanTwo fountain springsعينان
BajesPowerful warriorباجس
DaaimCharming boyدايم
EhsanPerfect إحسان
EisaThe Prophet’s nameعيسى
ElafOath, promiseإيلاف
EyadPossession of powerإياد
FaadhilGood personalityفاضل
FaazWinner, successfulفائز
FadhilHonorable personalityفاضل
FahminResponsible in lifeفهمين
FareedUnique Muslim name boyفريد
FarhaanFilled with joyفرحان
FauzVictory, triumphفوز
FawadSuccessful manفواد
HaaniHappy, delightedهانئ
HaaroonA Prophet’s nameهارون
HamdanThe praised oneحمدان
HasanCute, handsomeحسن
HobbLove, affectionهوب
ImaadSupport, pillarعماد
IzaanObedience, acceptanceإيزان
JawadNoble, generousجواد
JibreelAllah is my strengthجبريل
KabirPowerful, leaderالكبير
KanzMuslim boys name with meaning treasureكنز
KareemRespected, kind, excellentكريم
KhabirSkilled, knowledgableالخبير
MaahirBaby boy names Muslim Expertماهر
MahidWho makes things easyالمحيض
MamunLoyal Islamic baby boy namesمأمون
MarwanArabic baby boy namesمروان
MazinProper nameمازن
MuhammadPraise worthy Islamic names for boysمحمد
MuqtadirWho assists strong personمقتدر
NabhanIslamic boy names with meaning nobleنبهان
NasirWho helps to achieve victory ناصر
RafayetHighness, sublimityرافاييت
RahilTraveller Muslim names for boysرحيل
RakibA glorified name of Muslim baby boyرقيب
RayhanFavored by Allahالريحان
RidwanGatekeeper of heavenرضوان
RishanGood human beingريشان
SaadiqLovely friend Islamic boy namesصادق
SaaidLucky, Happyسعيد
SaajidOne who worships Allahساجد
SaalihGood righteousصالح
SaariyahClouds at nightسارية
SabeehBeautiful Muslim baby names for boysصبيح
SabeerPatient boys name in Muslimصابر
SaddamSupreme King  Muslim boy nameصدام
SaddiqBeloved friend Muslim boys nameصادق
SafiPure, righteousآسفي
SafiullahThe pure one of Allahصفي الله
SahilRiver bankالساحل
SalahMuslim boy names meaning righteousness  صلاح
SalarLeader, commanderسالار
SamanPrice, Worthسامان
SameeOne who has been exaltedسامي
ShahanMuslim baby boy names for kingشاهان
ShaheerWell-known شهير
ShamikhMuslim boy name with meaning Tall, higherالشامخ
ShazainBrave, Skillful Muslim boys namesشزين
TaabishOne who behaves wellتعبيش
TaahirChaste, modestطاهر
TawfeeqSuccess,  harmonyتوفيق
ZaeemLeader, resolute, firmالزعيم
ZafeerAlways victorious, successظافر
ZafirVictor, triumphant oneظافر
ZafranGolden stigma of flowerظفران
ZahanGift of Allah, earthزاهان
ZaidIncrease, growthزيد
ZaminGrounded, honestزامين
ZehanBright-faced angelزهان
ZishanA peaceful manزيشان

Muslim boy names given in his initial days will be long-lasting with him throughout his life. Given modern Islamic names for boys reflects teaching to a baby. Unique Arabic boy names create the energy required for his guided development. The aim of is to help parents to choose Muslim boys name with meaning.

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