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100 Top English baby girl names with meanings [updated 2021]

english names for girls

English language originated in England and is the dominant language of major countries like UK, US, Australia, etc. One-third the world’s population use English. It is also a global language.

English girls Meaning of English names for girls
Anastasia Names that mean rebirth
Angela Messenger
Anna Grace or beautiful
Annabelle A form of annabel
Annie English baby girl names for mercy
Aoife Living
Arabella Eagle heroine
Aria Air, lioness
Ariana Holy English names for girls
Arianna Sacred
Aubrey Variation of Audrey
Audrey Noble strength
Aurora Morning
Autumn Fall Season English girls name
Ava Modern English baby girl names like bird
Avery Counselor
Ayla Oak tree
Bonnie Georgious English girls name
Brielle God is strong
Brooke Tiny stream
Brooklyn Small stream
Claire Clear and bright baby girl names English
Clara Brilliant names that mean smart
Connie Consistent
Cora Maidenone
Darcy Dark One
Delilah Soft, Delicate
Eloise Famous Warrior
Emery Work Ruler
Emilia Energetic English girl baby names
Emily Industrious, striving
Emma universal, whole
Erin Ireland
Esther English girls names for stars
Eva Life
Eve Lifetime
Evelyn Name that means life
Everly From The Boar Meadow
Evie English girl names for life
Francesca Free
Frankie Free Or Truthful
Freya Female
Gianna Almighty god
Grace God’s grace girl English name
Gracie Form of grace
Harriet Form of henrietta
Hazel Hazelnut tree
Hollie Form of holly
Holly Plant With Red Berries
Hope Wish, Want
Isabelle God Is My Oath
Isla Island
Ivana God is gracious
Ivy Signifting climbing plant
Julia Curly hair
Kaylee God like English name for girls
Kinsley From Cyne’s Field
Lillie Lilly flower
Lily Pure, A flower
Lottie Freedom
Lucy Light
Luna Moon
Lydia From Lydia place
Lyla Form of lyle
Lyra Harp
Martha Woman
Maryam Undecided
Megan Modern English baby girl names like pearls
Mia Mine
Mila People’s Favor
Millie Form of amelia
Molly Bitter
Myla Kind girls name in English
Nellie Form of cornelia
Nevaeh Heaven
Nora Pride
Nova New
Olive From The Olive Tree
Ottilie Money, Fortune
Phoebe Radiant names meaning pure
Pippa Short form of philippa
Polly Wished baby
Poppy From the flower
Rosa Rose Flower
Rose Flower English girl name
Rosie Form of rosalind
Ruby Precious stone 
Serenity Peaceful Disposition
Sienna Reddish Brown baby girl name English
Skyla Space
Skylar Intellectual
Sofia Wisdom
Sophie Philosophy
Stella Star baby girl names in English
Summer A weather
Tilly Strength
Vivian Alive girl names English
Willow Graceful, Slim
Zara Princess
Zoey Existence

These modern English baby girl names are unique, latest, popular, rare, trending. If you are pregnant, expecting a baby or already have then you can pick these English names for girls. The aim of is to help parents to choose baby girl names in English for a beloved baby girl.

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