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50 Classic names related to music for boys their with meaning [2021]

names related to music in sanskrit

India has a rich history and tradition of music. Indian names related to music proves that legacy. You will find many references to music in ancient Indian. In India, there is a wide variety of music in each and every state. So one will find many music names like musical names, ragas in Carnatic music names. Best Indian baby boy names related to music and raga names for baby boy are given in following list,

Music names Musical names meaning Musically boy
Aagar Musical Interest आगर
Abhigeet Praised in Song अभिगीत
Ahir popular rag in Hindustani music अहीर
Alap Tune Before singing अलाप
Amargeet Eternal song अमरगीत
Ambadas Song of life अंबादास
Anhad Limitless, Celestial Music अनहद
Atamgeet Song blissful to soul आत्मगीत
Bansi Flute, Names of indian musical instruments बंसी
Bansilal Krishna with flute बन्सीलाल
Bibhaas Musical Hindustani ragas बिभास
Bilahari Names of ragas for babies बिलाहारी
Devala personification of music देवळा
Devsakh One of the ragas  देवसाख
Gaayan Singing music names गायन
Geet Song, Melody गीत
Geethan Well known for songs गीतण
Ghanrasa Raga names of songs घनरासा
Gomukha Musical Instrument गोमुख
Gungeet Song of virtues गुंगीत
Hameer Carnatic raga names हमीर
Jaritri Praise, Singer of Hymns जरीत्रि
Kamas A raga from Indian classical music कामस
Keertan Worshiping through a Song कीर्तन
Laya Rhythm music related names in Sanskrit लाया
Mahagit The Great Music महागीत
Malhaar Names of ragas मल्हार
Megh Cloud musical names in Sanskrit मेघ
Meghmalhar Clouds Raag for rains मेघमल्हार
Naamdhun Song of name नामधुन
Namgeet Life songs नामगीत
Nand Raga names related to music in Sanskrit नंद
Parani Perfect song परानी
Prageet Lyrics, Brilliant Song प्रगीत
Rag Piece of Music / Tune राग
Ramgeet Song of God रामगीत
Ranit Joyful Song, Ringing Sound रानित
Ridham Musical Fountain, Spring रिधम
Rohi Names related to music tune, Who touches heart रोही
Rushang The saint’s song रुशांग
Sahaan A raga from the Indian classical music सहान
Sangeet Names related to music संगीत
Sanug A song सानुग
Shwar Musical names of tones श्वर
Swaarang Music names for tone स्वारंग
Swar Sound, God Vishnu स्वर
Swar Names related to music in Sanskrit स्वर
Swarank Musical Notes स्वारंक
Swareet Towards Heaven, Type of Music स्वरित
Tanav Flute music in Sanskrit तनव

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 You may have liked musical names for boys especially for baby boy names for music lovers. You will notice many musical names in Sanskrit and musical names in Hindi also. Along with sanskrit names for music, every States has folk songs and folk music with different instruments. Baby boy can bring the rhythm in your life just like music and its instruments. Many people give names related to music to their baby boy believing that he will bring harmony in life.

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