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100 Christian baby boy names with their unique meanings [updated 2021]

christian baby boy names

Christianity is the most followed religion in the world. In Christianity, believers believe in Christ. It is the largest religion on Earth. Biblical boy names and modern Christian baby boy names with meaning are given below,

Christian names Meaning of Christian names for boys
Aaron Strong, Powerful
Abel A Breath
Adam First man on Earth
Adrian From Hadria
Aiden Bon fire
Albert Noble And Bright
Alex Defender Of People
Alexander Guardian, helpful to mankind
Alfie Form of alfred
Alfred Elf names that mean ruler
Austin Great Christian baby boy names
Benjamin Son of my right hand
Billy Form Of William
Blake Signifies dark
Bobby Shining Christian boy names
Caleb Loyal, Reliable
Callum Dove Christian baby names
Cameron Bent or crooked nose
Carson Son of carr
Carter Cart driver
Charles Free Christian boy name
Charlie Form of charles
Chester rochester baby boy names starting with che 
Easton From The East
Eddie Good friend
Eden Delightful, adornment
Edward Rich guardian
Eli Higher person
Elias Jehovah is god
Elijah Almighty God
Elliot Crime fighter
Felix Cheerful
Filip Lover of horses
Finley Fair boy names meaning warrior
Francis From france
Gabriel God Is My Strength
George Farmer Christian names
Harley From The Hares’ Wood
Harrison Son of Harry
Henry Home ruler, estate owner
Ian Names that mean gift from god
Isaac Giggle, laughing
Jace Modern Christian boy baby names
Jack God is kind
Jackson God is gracious, Son of Jack 
Jacob Substitute, Deputy
Jake Who takes hold of heel
James Supplanter, Double
Jameson Son of james
Jamie Supplanter
Jason Who cures
Jaxson A form of jackson
Jayden Lord has heard
Jenson Son Of Jens
Jeremiah Raised by God
Jesse Wealthy Christian boys names
John God is courteous
Kayden Musical boy names Christian
Landon Grassy meadow
Lennon A small cloak or cape
Leo Christian baby names with meaning lion
Leonardo Brave Lion
Levi Related, Connected
Lewis Famed Warrior
Liam Determined Fighter
Marcus From the god mars
Marley Lake meadow
Martin God Of War
Mason Stoneworker
Mateo Gift from god
Matthew God gifted
Nathan Given, reward
Nathaniel Gift of god
Nicholas People’s Victory
Oakley Oak-tree field
Oliver English Christian baby boy names with meaning Olive
Parker Park keeper
Patrick Nobleman paul  –  small
Rafael God Has Healed
Ralph Wolf counselor
Raphael God has healed
Rayan King Christian names for boys
Reggie Form of reginald
Remy Remedy Christian baby boy names
Reuben Vision of the son
Rex Names that mean king
Sam To hear
Samuel Name of God
Santiago Of St. James
Sawyer Who cuts timber
Stanley Stony meadow
Theo Short form of theodore
Theodore Divine Gift
Thomas Twin
Tobias God is awesome
Victor Winner
Wilfred Will Peace
William Resolute Defender 
Xander Guardian
Zac The lord remembers

Given Christian baby boy names reflect teaching to the baby. It develops personality according to the meaning of Christian names for boys. Christian baby names are organised alphabetically for the smooth sequential experience. The target of is to help parents to select Christian boy names.

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