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100 Christian baby girl names with their unique meanings [updated 2021]

christian baby girl names

Christianity is the most widely spread religion in the world. In Christianity, followers believe in Jesus. It is the largest religion.

Christian girl names Christian baby names and meanings
Aaliyah High exalted, to ascend
Aariel A lion of god
Abigail Gives happiness
Ada Prosperous, wealthy
Adeline Form of adelaide
Agnes Names that mean pure
Alexa Protect
Alexandra Version of Alexander
Alice Sincere Christian names for girls
Alicia Royal, grand
Allison Form of alison
Amber Orange colour
Amelia Work
Amelie Hardworking
Amy Loving Christian baby girl names
Ana Gracious Christian baby girl name
Beatrix Explorer of life
Bella Lovely girl
Bethany House of figs
Betsy Holy god
Camila Young ceremonial attendant
Caroline Attractive girl
Charlotte Feminine form of Charles
Chloe Goddess of fertility
Daisy A flower
Darcie From arcy
Eden Paradise
Edie Form of edith
Edith Rich gift Christian girl baby names
Elena Form Of Helen
Eliana Feminine form of elisha
Elianna God has answered
Eliza God Is My Oath
Elizabeth Consecrated to God
Ella Beautiful fairy woman
Ellie Short form of eleanor
Elodie Form of alodie
Faith Faith, belief
Felicity Form of felicia
Florence Blooming
Gabriella Feminine Form Of Gabriel
Genesis Start, Born
Georgia Feminine form of george
Georgie Form of georgeanne
Hailey Form of haile
Hallie Praise The Lord
Hanna Fine baby girl names Christian
Hannah Benefit, kindness
Harper Girl baby names Christian Harp Player
Imogen Maiden
Iris Colorful Rainbow
Isabel God is great
Isabella Devoted to God
Jessica Blessing of God
Josephine God will enhance
Katie Form of katherine
Lara Roman character
Laura Crowned with laurel
Leah Weary 
Lexi Protector of man
Liliana Lily And Anna
Lillian Innocent, beauty
Lilly A Flower
Lola Sorrows
Mabel Cute, charming
Madeline Who is elevated
Madelyn Form of madeline
Maggie Form of magdalen
Maia Relative Christian girl names
Maisie Pearl like Christian girls name
Maria Of The Sea
Marnie From The Sea
Nancy Gods flavour
Naomi Sweetness
Natalia Christmas
Natalie Born on Christmas
Olivia Olive tree, Peace
Ophelia Help
Orla names that mean Queen of gold
Paige Younger Christian baby girl names
Paisley Church
Penelope A Silent Worker
Penny With A Web 
Quinn Clever baby girl Christian names
Rebecca Servant of God
Riley Courageous
Robyn Bright Fame
Sadie Princess names
Samantha Told by God, Listener
Sara Christian baby names for girls princess
Sarah A Princess
Savannah Open Plain
Scarlett Red 
Seren Star
Sophia Wise Christian name for baby girl
Thea God gifted
Valentina Health, Power
Victoria Victory
Violet A flower, Color
Zoe Living, subsistence

 Given Christian baby girl names reflect teaching to the baby. It develops personality according to the meaning of Christian names for girls. Christian girl baby names are organised alphabetically for the smooth sequential experience. The target of is to help parents to select Christian girl names.

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