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100 Christian baby girl names with their unique meanings [updated 2021]

christian baby girl names

Christianity is the most widely spread religion in the world. In Christianity, followers believe in Jesus. It is the largest religion.

Christian girl namesChristian baby names and meanings
AaliyahHigh exalted, to ascend
AarielA lion of god
AbigailGives happiness
AdaProsperous, wealthy
AdelineForm of adelaide
AgnesNames that mean pure
AlexandraVersion of Alexander
AliceSincere Christian names for girls
AliciaRoyal, grand
AllisonForm of alison
AmberOrange colour
AmyLoving Christian baby girl names
AnaGracious Christian baby girl name
BeatrixExplorer of life
BellaLovely girl
BethanyHouse of figs
BetsyHoly god
CamilaYoung ceremonial attendant
CarolineAttractive girl
CharlotteFeminine form of Charles
ChloeGoddess of fertility
DaisyA flower
DarcieFrom arcy
EdieForm of edith
EdithRich gift Christian girl baby names
ElenaForm Of Helen
ElianaFeminine form of elisha
EliannaGod has answered
ElizaGod Is My Oath
ElizabethConsecrated to God
EllaBeautiful fairy woman
EllieShort form of eleanor
ElodieForm of alodie
FaithFaith, belief
FelicityForm of felicia
GabriellaFeminine Form Of Gabriel
GenesisStart, Born
GeorgiaFeminine form of george
GeorgieForm of georgeanne
HaileyForm of haile
HalliePraise The Lord
HannaFine baby girl names Christian
HannahBenefit, kindness
HarperGirl baby names Christian Harp Player
IrisColorful Rainbow
IsabelGod is great
IsabellaDevoted to God
JessicaBlessing of God
JosephineGod will enhance
KatieForm of katherine
LaraRoman character
LauraCrowned with laurel
LexiProtector of man
LilianaLily And Anna
LillianInnocent, beauty
LillyA Flower
MabelCute, charming
MadelineWho is elevated
MadelynForm of madeline
MaggieForm of magdalen
MaiaRelative Christian girl names
MaisiePearl like Christian girls name
MariaOf The Sea
MarnieFrom The Sea
NancyGods flavour
NatalieBorn on Christmas
OliviaOlive tree, Peace
Orlanames that mean Queen of gold
PaigeYounger Christian baby girl names
PenelopeA Silent Worker
PennyWith A Web 
QuinnClever baby girl Christian names
RebeccaServant of God
RobynBright Fame
SadiePrincess names
SamanthaTold by God, Listener
SaraChristian baby names for girls princess
SarahA Princess
SavannahOpen Plain
SophiaWise Christian name for baby girl
TheaGod gifted
ValentinaHealth, Power
VioletA flower, Color
ZoeLiving, subsistence
girl baby names christian

 Given Christian baby girl names reflect teaching to the baby. It develops personality according to the meaning of Christian names for girls. Christian girl baby names are organised alphabetically for the smooth sequential experience. The target of is to help parents to select Christian girl names.

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