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100 Best English names for boys with their meanings [updated 2021]

english names for boys
English boy namesMeaning of English baby boy names
AndrewBrave, Fearless
AngelMessenger Of God
AnthonyPraise worthy
ArchieForm of archer
ArloFortified hill
ArthurEnglish boys names for rock
AsherFortunate, lucky
AshtonAsh Tree Town
AxelDivine reward
BradleyBig meadow
BraydenA form of braden
BrodieA Scottish Castle
BrysonEnglish boy name of Brice
Christianfollower of Christ
ChristopherFollower of Christ
ColeShort form of coleman
ColtonCoal town
ConnorOne who loves wolf
CooperBarrel creator
DanielJudgment of God
DavidLovely English names for boys
DexterFabric dyer
DominicBelonging to god
DylanOcean boy English name
ElliottA form of elijah
EllisA form of elias
EnzoLord of the estate
EricBrave ruler stylish boy names in English
EthanStrong, Stable
EvanA form of john
EverettBoar Herd
EzekielPower of God
EzraHelping English baby names boy
FrankShort form of francis
FrankieForm of frank
FraserCurly haired
FreddiePeace Ruler
FrederickPeace Ruler
GraysonSon of grey haired
GreysonSon of Grey haired one
HarryHouse guardian
HaydenHedged valley
HudsonSon of hud
HunterOne who hunts
IsaiahGod is salvation
JaxShort form of jackson
Jaxonson of Jack, God is gracious
Joelhe that wills commands
JoeyFrom the name joseph
JonahA dove
JonathanGod’s gift boy names English
JordanTo flow
JoseGod Will Increase
JosephJehovah increases
JoshuaJehovah is savior
JosiahThe lord saves
JudeEnglish boy baby names for praise
JulianYoung, Downy
KevinAttractive, gentle
LeonLion English name for boy
LincolnLake settlement
LoganLittle hollow
LouieFamous Warrior
LucasBright, shining
LukeSource of light
MaverickIndependent, Free
MaximilianGreat English boys name
MaximusGreater boy names in English
MichaelJust like God
MilesMerciful, Form of Michael
NoahRest, Peace, Relax
NolanDescendant Of The Famous
OllieA form of oliver
OscarDeer Lover
OwenYouthful Warrior English names boy
RioRiver English names for boys
RobertFamous baby boy names English
RobinBird English baby boy names
RomanFrom Rome
RonnieBringing Victory
RowanTree with red berries
RubenBeholf of son
Ryannames that mean prince
SebastianRespected, Revered
SethOne who appointed
SonnyA form of grayson
SpencerDispenser of provisions
TedA short form of theodore
TeddyForm of theodore
TylerTile Maker
VincentTo occupy
WyattHero of the west
XavierNew home English boy names
ZacharyThe lord remembers
english boys names

 These stylish boy names in English are modern, unique, latest, popular, rare, trending. If you are pregnant, expecting a baby or already have then you can pick these English baby boy names. The aim of is to help parents to choose English boy names for a beloved baby.

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